The information below is taken from the official biography the band used on all press releases and on their former website.

The band was formed in the fall of 1998 by Matt McMillan, Bryon Deisher and Adam Hubka. Their original drummer, Tim Steiner left in early 99' to join another band. He was replaced by Marshall Tipton in the summer of 99. The band went through a couple early band names (including "Harper" and "Synapse") before eventually settling on dualesc, a made-up word inspired by the idea of Cartesian Dualism. dualesc recorded their first CD "Oscillations" at Plazmodium Studios in June of 2000. The disc eventually got into the hands of Richard Patrick from the band Filter. Patrick personally invited them to fly out to Chicago to record at his Abyssinian Sons Studios. Produced by Richard Patrick & Rae Dileo, dualesc recorded an EP in late February of 2001 at said studio. Patrick liked the band so much that he even played guitar on the song "Belief"

Then in January of 2002, after many months of playing shows around the Northwest, dualesc was signed to Rise Records. They spent 4 days over Easter weekend of 2002 at Rainstorm Studios in Seattle recording 6 new songs. They re-mastered the EP recorded by Richard Patrick and Rae Dileo and included it with the 6 new songs for their debut full-length cd titled "Through the floods, not with them".

The band went on to record a self-released EP titled "Palisade Layer" in the summer of 2003 at Interlace Studios in Hillsboro Oregon. It included 6 new songs and a re-recording of an older song from "Oscillations" featuring a guest appearance from Chris Ruff of Kaddisfly. The EP was released in the summer of 2003 and was followed by a full US Tour in support of the release. In early 2004, the band's original bassist Adam Hubka left the band and was replaced by Rob Hillis. With Hillis on board, the band began working on new material for the follow-up to their 2003 EP. Dualesc released their final album titled "Lhasa the Birdcatcher" in the spring of 2005.

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